We asked Michael Piña, President & CEO of Central Valley Scholars, what she’s been listening to, reading, and considering this month.

Current book you’re reading?
Pedagogy Of The Oppressed by Paulo Freire. I read this book in small sections, and in those short pages I learn so much. I now understand…

Dr. Hunt is the Director of Charter Schools at Fresno County Superintendent of Schools and a Senior Advisor at Friday.

What are you reading?
Shifting the Monkey by Todd Whitaker. It was recommended for managers and it definitely lends perspectives to varying personality types and promoting productive work environments.


Zoom workshops are hard. Here are a few ways to make them a little easier — and dare we say, fun.

A few weeks ago, my sister participated in a week-long train-the-trainer session for the U.S. Army’s Strong Bonds Program, which she’ll be leading alongside her husband, who serves as a chaplain. To no one’s surprise, the training was on Zoom. “I don’t know how you do this all day,” she…

Organizational culture isn’t about employee perks or special events — it’s the day-to-day interactions and persistent improvement efforts that make every team member feel valued.

Illustration by David Espinosa Alvarez

Early in my career, I believed that creating a positive company culture meant making the workplace a fulfilling, pleasant, and rewarding place to be. If…

Emily Davalos

Working at the intersection of community, education & economic opportunity. | Partner @ Friday. www.friday.us

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